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Whirlpool washer repair Miami

Whirlpool washer repair Miami

Is your Whirlpool washer giving you problems?  Are you finding a tub full of dirty water when you were expecting a load of clean clothes?  Are you finding that your washing machine is leaking water all over the floor?  If any of this sounds familiar, there’s a good chance that putting in a new pump and motor assembly could be all that’s needed to get it working again for you.

If you suspect this to be the problem, we suggest you take one of the two following steps: The first would be to give us a call and we’ll send one of our professional technicians out to definitively determine what is wrong and get things fixed for you.  By the way, when we do a repair for you, we never charge you for the service call to come out and diagnose the problem.

You second option is to try to do the repair/replacement of the pump and motor assembly yourself. We’ll be honest, if you know what you’re doing, it’s really not a difficult job.  In fact, we’ve even included a video and a written transcript for you below, in case you want to know what’s involved and want to give it a shot.  If you find it’s a bit over your head, don’t worry… we’re always happy to come out and lend a hand to our good neighbors here in Miami.

So check out the information below, and keep our phone number handy, just in case… (305) 748-4223

Repair a Whirlpool Washer – Replacing the Pump and Motor Assembly

Today, we’re going to show you how to change the pump and motor assembly on your washer. It’s a pretty easy job. We’re only going to need a few tools; a putty knife, a pair channel lock pliers, and a 3/8th drive socket and ratchet. Let me show you how it’s done.

Now since we’re going to be working here in electrical circuit, the first step we want to do is disconnect the cord, and with our putty knife slide that between the front panel and the top in about three or four inches from either side you find an instruction there.  Now to remove spring clip, push in and hold the clip in place, do the same on the opposite side. Pull the front panel forward, those two tabs on the bottom, we’ll just lift it off of those that will give us access to the pump, and we can do our repair.

Now with the front panel removed, you will find pump located in the lower right hand corner here. The first thing we’ll do is remove two wire harness connector, and two 3/8th bolts that are located right at the front here that hold the bracket to the base frame. We can lift up on the pump in bracket assembly and pull it forward a bit, so you can access the two clamps that hold the hoses in place. Take the top one off first using your channel lock pliers, and depress the clamp and lift up on it. Remove the outlet frame hose first, there may be a little water in there, now we can pull it forward enough to remove remaining clamp on the tub to pump hose.  Push the clamp back as far as you can in the hose, if able to twist back it free, I will probably want a little container here because chances are there will be some water in there.

Now we’ll take our new pump, we’ll install the tub to pump hose first, make sure it pushed firmly on to the pump. Again we’ll depress the clamp, pull it forward, and install the outlet hose, and move the clamp back to where it should be, locate the two hose for the 3/8th bolts and install those, and we’ll reconnect the wire harness to the pump. Make sure it snug, the wire is tucked over the place, and we are ready to reinstall the front panel.

With our pump in place, we now replace the front panel, simply line the tabs up, slots in the bottom of the front panel hinge it forward and make sure these four locator tabs line up with their respective holes in the front panel, snap that front in place, reconnect the power and our Whirlpool washer repair is complete.

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