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Replacing Your Refrigerator’s Ice Maker Kit

Frigidaire refrigerator repair Miami

Frigidaire refrigerator repair Miami

Is your Frigidaire refrigerator not making ice any more?  In Miami, you gotta have ice, right?  If your fridge is on the fritz and you can’t get ice from it any more, there are a few things you can do.  The first one is to simply give us a call at Best Appliance Repair of Miami and we’ll send a technician out to you as soon as possible (probably today!)

On the other hand, a professionally trained technician isn’t necessarily what you need to replace your ice maker kit.  If you’re up for giving it a go on your own, just watch the video below, and along with the accompanying transcript and and a bit of work, you should be able to get your new ice maker put in no problem.  Still, we’re always here to help our Miami neighbors, so don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have problems with this, or any other type of refrigerator or appliance repair.

Replacing the Ice Maker Kit on your Frigidaire or Other Refrigerator

Today we are going to show you how to put an ice maker kit on your refrigerator. Really easy job, all we are going to need a quarter inch nut driver. Let me show you how it’s done.

To begin this repair, the first thing that we need to do is remove the upper shelf, send it out of the way, and we are going to remove the ice bin, just lift up pull out, set that out of the way.

Next we are going to reach in and turn off the existing ice maker, then we need to remove these three quarter inch hex head screws that secure the outer motor assembly, we need to pull that out of the way, so that we can gain access to the wire harness for the ice maker. Lift up on the auger assembly, tilt it forward then reach in disconnect the wire harness at the back, two little tabs that lock in into place so you’ll just need to press those together to pull the harness out, set that aside.

Now we need to loosen two screws, quarter inch hex head screws that hold the ice maker to the mounting bracket, don’t need to remove these screws all the way just loosen them enough that the back will slide up open. Reaching underneath disconnect the wire harness, lift up on the ice maker till it clears the two screws and slide it forward. The new fill cup that comes with your ice maker kit may not resemble the existing one, and if so disregard the new one.  You just need to remove the old one from the ice maker, simply depress the tab, slide it up through the mounting slot, then mount it on to the new ice maker in the same location, slide it into the mounting slot press it in till it locks into place. Now we are ready to install the new ice maker.

Just slide into place then we’ll connect the wire harness, make sure the fill cup goes in underneath the fill space Locate the harness connect it properly; make sure it pushes in all the way until you hear the retaining tabs snap into place We are ready to tighten up the quarter inch hex head screws. Before we tighten the last screw we want to make sure that that ice maker is as level as possible and nut the remaining screw.

Take the existing auger motor, and we’ll line it up, connect the wire harness first, make sure that the wire harness snaps firmly into place, lift the motor assembly up that it lines up with the three mounting holes, secure with one screw, now centre it up, replace the remaining two screws. Next we’ll replace the shield that hides the wire harness, it may or may not fall off when you are disassembling it so do take the two closer tabs with that portion on the bottom the two wireless based tabs go on the top, snaps into place.

Now we’ll replace the auger bin, make sure that we line up the auger with the motor drive, reach in and turn our ice maker on, replace the top shelf, and your repair is complete. That’s just how easy it was to put an ice maker kit in your refrigerator.

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