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You may not realize it until it’s too late, but home dishwashers, on average, aren’t expected to last all that long.  In fact, they have the shortest life-span of all home appliances, typically “kicking the proverbial bucket” after only about 9 years.  And not to pour salt in the wound, but it turns out that dishwashers are also the most difficult to install, and therefore, the most expensive (as far as installation fees go).

We found an interesting chart displaying the various big brands of dishwashers and their likelihood of causing you problems.  In this case, the shorter the bar, the better chance you’ll have of a longer, trouble free existence with your new dishwasher (image found at

Dishwasher Reliability

Dishwasher Reliability

With that being said, we thought we’d also give you a bit of insight and help on how to actually install a dishwasher in Miami with as little trouble as possible, if you decide to give it a go yourself.

Dishwasher Installation Tips

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